CEO Greetings

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CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

"We, executives and staff members,
will work for next 30 years with new resolution."

Dear Customers. How are you? We sincerely thank you for your visiting K1PARS's homepage.

We, K1PARS Co., Ltd. could have grown as a strong company with customers' support for 30 years even though it is a small company since it was established in 1986.

We will work with our customers together with humble posture and honest and sincere image not losing our first resolution. As our industry developed revolutionarily, the border collapsed and the cooperation between countries was reinforced and the fusion between cultures was promoted. As a result, the age that binds the world as one came.

We built the system to secure excellent price competitiveness of products that customers require and to deliver in the right place at the right time based on international patents such as PTC and 30 domestic patents securing internationally approved certificates such as ISO9001, TS16949, UL, CE, IPA and so on through continuous R&D and systematic production management to cope with globalizing environment actively.

As a result, we produce excellent cable carriers, flexible tubes, connectors, cable track system by ourselves and robot dress packs with Leoni company in Germany and supply. We set up the system that we quote and customers can ask questions of quality freely at any place in the world and export our products to 25 countries in the world at present.

In addition, we try to leap one more step developing a hi-tech equipment related to IT technology that is the most important equipment to inspect the spot welding condition in auto and shipbuilding industry. We, executives and staff members of K1PARS Co., Ltd. will do our best to supply customers with the best products not being satisfied with the establishment of 25years. And we will make right business environment and implement transparent management as a leader of this industry.

CEO of K1PARS Co., Ltd. Shim SUL JIN  

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